Catégorie: Littérature médiévale
Éditeur: Department of Hispanic Studies - Queen Mary and Westfield College - Londres
Pages: 91
Bibliothèque: Château de Mauvezin
Localisation: Armoire 2 - Étagère 5
Année: 1998
N° catalogue: 860.01.PAP.13


Essential book or history of hunting.

The document presents, in introduction, a definition of falconry literature. Each of the six chapters provides an overview of falconry litterature between the XIIIth and XVIIth century. This genre of treatises is unique, it desappears after the Renaissance. The treatises expose the art of falconry, ornithological topics, veteriniry subjects. And it helps to understant the role of falconry in the Midle Age.

With an index of technical terms.

Papers of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar.

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