Catégorie: Histoire
Éditeur: Wargame Research group publication
Pages: 116
Bibliothèque: Château de Mauvezin
Localisation: Armoire 2 - Étagère 5
Année: 1978
N° catalogue: 940.HEA.ARM


Mainly military and local history, but also transport, Observer books, annuals, wargaming and modelling, period costume, uniforms and dress, general history, walking and rambling, and anything else we can pick up that looks interesting. We also sell at local shows and fairs.

It includes details of armies from Andalusia, Bulgaria, England, Estonia, France, the Holy Roman Empire, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, the Ordensstaat of the Teutonic Knights, the Earldom of Orkney, the Papal State, Poland, Prussia, Lithuania, the Low Countries, Kievan Russia, Scandinavia, Scotland, Serbia, Sicily, Spain, Venice, Wales and Wendland.

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